Meet Garth Hystad and Team building Outdoor Living Spaces - Masterpiece Outdoorliving Colorado
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The Masterpiece Difference

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states to live in the country, but it's unpredictable weather patterns and seasons keep most people from enjoying their outdoor space. We have over 36 years of experience designing and building Outdoorliving Spaces that solve the seasonal and weather challenges of Colorado.

We are experts in the latest maintenance-free composites and steel forever frame systems. Relax and take comfort that we will create an Outdoorliving Space that’s perfect for you and your family. We will provide extraordinary service from start to finish.

The story of Masterpiece Outdoorliving

Garth Hystad

Garth Hystad has become the premier designer of his time. Many of his greatest designs were featured on the popular hit tv show, Mega Decks, which premiered on the DIY Network. His love and vision for making the outdoors come to life continue to grow today. His proudest moment has been watching his son, Brandon Hystad, blossom into an extraordinary man and one of the best outdoor living designers in the country.

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Garth Hystad
President & Founder


These are the faces behind each Masterpiece. The creativity, the craftsmanship, the labor of all our projects! Masterpiece Outdoorliving is a family run business. Garth, our founder, and his son Brandon possess an undeniable zeal for creating extraordinary Outdoor Spaces, but the driving force behind their passion is knowing that their creations beckon everyone into the great outdoors they love so much.

This pursuit has transformed lives and the meaning of Outdoor Living altogether.

Garth Hystad

Owner, Lead Designer

Brandon Hystad


Roger Wood

General Manager

Jud Turney

Senior Project Manager

Gabrielle Werner

Office Manager

Guy Simpson

Lead 3D Designer

James Trunz

3D Designer

Jake Flood

Marketing / Video & Photography

Luke Vercia

CAD Designer

Kathleen Hunter

CAD Designer

Caitlin Smith

Admin Assistant

Ray Chamberlin

Glass Specialist

Brian Henneberg

Project Manager

Stephen Morton

Project Manager

Ryan Brauer

Project Manager

Cole Kroeker

Asst Project Manager

Shane Beck

Lead Carpenter

Tilden Hoops

Lead Carpenter

Joel Fry

Lead Carpenter

Dylan Berger

Lead Carpenter

Sawyer Manci

Lead Carpenter

John Janson

Lead Carpenter

Victor Hansen

Utility Lead

Kelvon Lindley


Justin Filor


Jesse Wolcott


Jacob Kesler


Eric Michel

Lead Driver

EJ Mullaney

Delivery Specialist

Dusten Grantham

Delivery Specialist