Oaken Achievements

Here is the full list of all 54 Oaken achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

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  • Keep Them Coming

    Defeat the boss in the Oak's Crown after defeating at least 10 of his followers.

  • Spin to Win

    Defeat the boss in the Valley of Thorns after making him charge into a wall at least 6 times.

  • Awful Management

    Defeat the boss in the Hollows after having him defeat at least 3 of his own allies.

  • Big Brain Time

    Defeat the boss in the Seas of Serpents after outsmarting it at least 6 times.

  • Just A Scratch

    Defeat the boss in the Amber Falls after surviving a direct hit from the shattering of his shell.

  • Taking Care of My Friends

    Defeat the final boss without exhausting any cards.

  • The Greatest Songster in the World

    Complete the bonus ending.

  • Multishot

    Defeat 3 targets at the same time with Aya's ability.

  • Pushing Me Away

    Push a single enemy to another hex 3 times in a single turn.

  • Large Spirit Collider

    Heal allies with Baralai's Mossy Cover 25 times during a single playthrough.

  • And I Would Walk 5 Hexes More

    Move with Baralai at least 5 times in a single turn.

  • Four of a Kind

    Stabilize a full hand of spells 3 times in a single playthrough.

  • Rave

    Hit enemies 16 times with Raiku's Raving Foci in a single battle.

  • Déjà Vu

    Copy spells stabilized by Raiku 8 times during a single playthrough.

  • Silent Unseen

    Defeat 10 Voiceless enemies with Deigo's Enchanted Beads during a single playthrough.

  • Can't Touch This

    Travel a distance of 20 hexes with your hero in a boss or elite battle.

  • I Am the Danger

    Have a single unit deal damage with Deigo's Enchanted Beads 5 times in one turn.

  • Wololo

    Convert 15 Voiceless enemies in a single playthrough.

  • I Too Am Tired

    Defeat a boss while you have 8 or less max health.

  • Big Spirits Don't Cry

    Defeat 40 enemies with Pathfinder's Eclipsed Tears in a single playthrough.

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Oaken Achievements FAQ
  • How many achievements are there in Oaken?
    There are 54 achievements in Oaken, worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore.
    You can view the full list of Oaken achievements here.
  • Is Oaken on Game Pass?
    No, Oaken is not currently available on either Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.
  • When does Oaken release on Xbox?
    Oaken will be released on July 20th, 2023.