Dead by Daylight explains how on earth Nicolas Cage ends up there

By Heidi Nicholas,

If you had questions about how Nicolas Cage finds himself in Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive has answers — and a new trailer.

Dead by Daylight adds Nicolas Cage on July 25 — how does this come to be? A lore update and a new trailer appear to hold some answers...

Why is Nicholas Cage in Dead by Daylight?

"Countless awards. Billions of dollars at the box office. Over one hundred films shot in every corner of the globe. Nicolas Cage had done it all and seen it all. Or so he thought," says Behaviour Interactive.

According to the lore, a new script brings him images of himself at "the great altar of a dark temple," drawing symbols in blood. Naturally, this chilling image has him calling his agent and leaving immediately to film the movie, even though it was "backed by some questionable financers."

The island appears populated by mysterious researchers, and he's escorted by armed guards to meet the director and then to where they'd be filming: "an ominous cave, home to the crumbling ruins of an ancient temple." Impatient to begin, he insists they start filming. "Nick performed his dialogue to the letter. A dark incantation that rolled off his tongue with ease. He dipped his fingers in a cup of red ink and painted symbols on the stone altar. He never felt this way on a set before. But then…" Everything goes wrong. He touches the symbols, and is enveloped in black fog.

As for what his Survivor abilities will be, we'll need to wait and see...
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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