Immortals of Aveum's magical mechanics unpacked ahead of Xbox launch

By Tom West,

Ascendant Studios has dropped a fresh Immortals of Aveum trailer and blog, which dives into the spells we'll be able to wield in the upcoming magical FPS game.

Immortals of Aveum brings its magic-based sci-fi FPS gameplay to Xbox Series X|S on August 22, offering us a chance to save an entire planet from destruction as the Triarch Magus, Jak. With the game's launch looming on the horizon, developer Ascendant Studios has revealed some of the magic we'll be wielding next month.

Immortals of Aveum spells unpacked trailer

Ascendant Studios' latest blog post tells us that Immortal of Aveum's protagonist, Jak, is a Triarch Magus, a rare type of Magni that can wield all three spell types — Red chaos, Blue force, and Green life magic — instead of a single type like traditional Magni. Jak's ability to wield the different forms of magic means we will have the ability to customize our abilities to our liking, either focusing on one color or mixing all three to create combo effects.

The primary spells we'll be wielding are Sigils, which focus your magic into different functions depending on the color type you're wielding. Red Sigils focus on explosive and close-quarters attacks, Blue Sigils are aimed toward precise long-range attacks, and Green Sigils are used for rapid firing and mobile combat. You'll be able to switch Sigils on the fly so you're using the right spell for the situation in front of you.

Like Sigils, Strikes focus on the spell colors as well, except they're your primary attack spells and can be weaved into combos with Fury and Control spells. Strikes offer three spells for each magic color, offering volleys of homing missiles, long-range magical bolts, and more. Furies are high-impact abilities that can devastate your enemies, but require a replenishable resource known as Fury Mana. You'll be able to find it in mana crystals from chests or dead enemies, or even have it regenerate over time via skills. As for Control spells, as the name suggests, they're used to manipulate the world and enemies by harnessing your magic into a totem, offering you ways to slow enemy movement, stun, and more. Finally, a selection of Augment spells gives you the ability to interact with the world itself, such as hovering across gaps, leaping vast distances, and more. If more firepower is what you're in for, look no further than Jak's Dominion spell, Immolate. It's an ultimate ability with the power to "raze legions of enemies to the ground," and charges up naturally as you play.

Customization is a key part of Immortals of Aveum, which takes place at Forges found in the game's three hub locations — the world has twelve biomes to explore, offering you ways to upgrade spells and gear, as well as reallocate your talent points. There will be "hundreds of unique items" to find, so everyone should find a build that suits their playstyle.

Immortals of Aveum was set to launch on July 20 but Ascendant Studios delayed it to August 20 last month so the team can "further polish the game, finish optimizing all platforms, and deliver a strong launch."
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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