Sniper Elite 5 adds new achievements with new mission and weapon pack

By Heidi Nicholas,

The last content drop for Season Two in Sniper Elite 5 arrives today, adding three new achievements, a new mission, and more.

We have just picked up the Kraken Awakes achievement list for Sniper Elite 5. There are three achievements tied around completing the Kraken Awakes mission with a particular star rating or on Authentic difficulty.

The Kraken Awakes mission is part of the final content drop for Season Two of Sniper Elite 5. It revolves around an aircraft carrier, which Karl has to infiltrate — at night — in his efforts to take out Friedrich Vogel. The Kraken Awakes Mission and Weapon Pack also includes a new pistol — the Mod.712 pistol — along with the Patriot weapon skin and the American Airborne outfit for Karl. While that pack is priced at $10.99/£9.99, today also sees the free addition of a new Deathmatch map.

You can check out the new Kraken Awakes achievement list below — there are three achievements worth a total of 65 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Sniper Elite 5 Kraken Awakes Xbox achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Shipbreaker Complete the campaign mission - Kraken Awakes. 15
Sink or Swim Kraken Awakes - Complete the mission with a 2 star rating. 20
Going Overboard Kraken Awakes - Complete the mission on Authentic difficulty. 30
Sniper Elite 5 is developed and published by Rebellion and is part of the ID@Xbox program. The game is available via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Sniper Elite 5: Kraken Awakes Mission And Weapon Pack

Sniper Elite 5: Kraken Awakes Mission And Weapon Pack

The final content drop for Season Pass Two delivers an incredible new mission called Kraken Awakes that brings the story of Sniper Elite 5 to a close.

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